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AVBOX System Overview

The AVBOX Media Distribution System allows you to stream media content from your home PC to any web based device or mobile phone. Streaming your home videos, music, and photos directly from your home PC means you'll always have access to your full collection of media content anywhere you go. The AVBOX Media Distribution System turns PC into a personal cloud, with secure, private access from any web device.

In addition, the AVBOX Media Distribution System allows you to use any web-enabled device to control any of your Windows 7 Media Center enabled devices, such as PCs, laptops, or XBox360s. Playback of movies, music, photos, and more can be initiated on any of your AVBOX Media Center Client devices from any web-enabled device such as an iPhone, iPad, office PC, etc... simply by selecting the media title from a list. Furthermore, the AVBOX system allows you to navigate the media center menus using the web-enabled device just like a remote control.