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Products Overview

Our core product, the AVBOX Media Distribution System allows you to control any of your Windows 7 PCs, or XBOX360s running Windows Media Center, using any web-enabled device such as an iPhone, Droid phone, iPad, etc..., simply by logging into your home at myAVBOX.com.

The AVBOX system allows you to access your home PC via the internet and stream music, watch videos, or view your personal photos, wherever you are, across the internet.

  • Stream music, watch videos, and view pictures on your home PC from any web device
  • Control media playback to any room in your home
  • Retreive realtime playback information
  • Turn any web device into a remote control
  • Send text messages to your TVs
  • Private, secure access your media from nearly anywhere in the world

The AVBOX Media Distribution System consists of 3 main components: AVBOX Server, AVBOX Media Center Client, and AVBOX Web Server.