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Company Information

The concept for AVBOX originated in June 2010 to address an industry need for a low cost media server / media control solution by a company that could support the hardware throughout the life of the product.

Many of the media server products out there today have a combination of PC and/or audio/video hardware, in addition to customized operating systems or applications dedicated to serving media content to any of several media players within the home. These products were typically low volume, and came with a hefty price tag due to the engineering efforts required to design and sustain both the custom hardware and operating system, in addition to manufacturing, distribution, and support costs. With the economic crisis that began the millenium, many of the media server product companies have failed due to personal budget cuts by the end consumers. Some of the companies that have survived cater mainly to elite installations that the majority of consumers cannot afford.

The idea of AVBOX was to create a software package that could be installed readily on off-the-shelf PC systems systems, i.e. PCs that have already been designed by well established computer manufactures such as Dell, Hewlett Packard, Acer, etc... In addition, the AVBOX software package had to be compatible with the resident operating system on these PCs, which in most cases is the Microsoft Windows 7 OS. By eliminating hardware and operating system engineering, manufacturing, distribution, and support overhead, the AVBOX software could be offered at a much lower cost, to a much larger audience. As a result, the AVBOX Media Distribution System was designed and developed in 2010-2011, and AVBOX was formed in June 2011.

AVBOX was founded in June 2011, by Richard A. Balia (Rick), who studied Computer Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin. Rick possesses over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, quality, IT, and software and hardware engineering. His experience includes established Fortune 500 companies such as Dell and Compaq (now Hewlett Packard), as well as startup experience with Surgient Networks and Motion Computing. In addition, Rick launched several of his own side businesses including IT-Logic LLC and, most recently, Digital Solutions LLC (aka www.sweetdigitalhome.com). Rick is also a veteran, having enlisted and served honorably in the United States Navy during Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm in the early 1990s.

AVBOX currently has three product that are scheduled for selective Public Pre-Release on 10/1/2013. The products are the AVBOX Server, the AVBOX Media Center Client, and the AVBOX Web Server, the combination of which comprise the AVBOX Media Distribution System software suite. These products will be distributed via the myAVBOX.com website, and the AVBOXcontrols.com website when released.

The goal of AVBOX is to promulgate media technologies by offering low cost and innovative products that change the way people think about home entertainment and home computing by combining these concepts into a cohesive solution.


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